KiwiSchools Central

Your central communication management hub.
Create, update, distribute and maintain it all in one place.

Bringing it all together with KiwiSchools Central

Discover how your communications all come together for fast, easy and effective management with KiwiSchools Central.

Intuitive and user-friendly platform for maximum efficiency.

We don’t expect school staff to be technical or design experts. The KiwiSchools Central user interface is clear and easy to use.

Simple website content management

KiwiSchools Central offers a simplified website content management system that requires minimal staff training, and reduces accidental errors and unintended layout changes. Your staff can make website changes more quickly and with more confidence.

School app integration

Because KiwiSchools Central integrates your communications into a single platform, it means that updates to your website content are instantly reflected on your app, saving you hours of administrative time.

Effective newsletter creation and administration

From building newsletters to distribution, storage and archiving, KiwiSchools Central is a unique, all-encompassing solution.


While the ‘builder’ tool helps you create visually engaging newsletters, the automated background processes handle all distribution steps including website and app uploads, as well as archiving.

One Platform - KiwiSchools

The power of a unified platform

Single sign on to a single system using your school account – no passwords.

One partner means one support team that is intimately familiar with your school, your staff and your specific needs.

Financial and operational savings as a result of combining traditionally scattered systems into one powerful communications hub.

Ready to take the next step?

Terms and Conditions

A free, no-obligation consultation is available at any time prior to any payments being made. To be eligible for the offer, a project proposal must be accepted by 1 December 2022. Upon acceptance of a project proposal from KiwiSchools, a 10% deposit invoice will be issued, and is payable prior to any work commencing by KiwiSchools. The balance of the project cost will be invoiced December 2022 and be payable by 20th January 2023